Okay now, is this meeting really necessary??  It probably is if you need to  communicate beforehand a specific, relevant objective with a pre-determined (if possible) time limit.  To keep from losing your attendees as their minds wander to other duties that await them, observe the end-time unless everyone agrees to continue with items listed on the original agenda. 

  1. Thank members for their valuable time and participation and TELL them how their participation helped meet the objectives. Helps them stay motivated and innovative when they know how their contributions count!
  2. Distribute minutes of the meeting in an email before the meeting and what the outcome is after the meeting, again by email.
  3. Avoid heated disagreements that should be discussed personally rather than in a group and always be careful with pointing fingers.
  4. NEVER assign action items to someone not present unless absolute necessary.  It helps them buy into the cause/project and shows greater respect, which goes a long way towards more successful performance.
  5. Playing musical chairs for the power seats?—Being an expert on the subject, asking insightful questions, and making clear, relevant observations are more important, regardless of where you are at the table.  Key participants usually sit up front so  be watchful of where you sit when entering the conference room.   

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