• Nodding your head.  A woman does this to say “go on, I’m listening” where man nods his head to say “I agree.”  Ladies, if you don’t agree, “say” so or he will think you agree and assume the conversation if over.
  • Introducing yourself too soon.  In the first 7 seconds people are sizing us up visually and not really “listening” to our names. To help them remember your name, start your introduction by saying what you do, for whom, and then your name.  If you can tell what is color their eyes are, you’ve made a good connection!
  • Distracting movements.  Studies show that in a conference room, men make approximately 12 movements while women make around 27.  The more we fidget, straighten hair, papers, etc., the less powerful we become as we appear too distracted by other things than the business at hand.

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