• Raising your voice at end of a sentence:  That sounds like you are questioning your own words rather than making a confident statement.  The listener may think that you’re not sure  what you’re talking about and you can be overlooked in business meetings.  Since 80% of television voiceovers are done by men, make sure to lower your pitch to gain credibility and sound confident.
  • Do others finish your sentences?  If so, they are not really listening to you and they are more interested in their own agenda than in what you have to say.  What is the most effective remedy?  First try: increase your volume, Second try:  hold up your forefinger while increasing your volume, Third time (sure they “got it” by then): hold up your entire hand with palm facing them and increase your volume.  For anyone who still doesn’t get it, hold up your hand, stop them in their tracks and say “Excuse me but I wasn’t finished yet.” That should do it!!
  • Adjust way speak according to type of person talking to:  Lower volume if easier for listener to understand.  Be more energetic if talking to someone of like manner and don’t overwhelm someone with strong voice if quiet and shy.  Use person’s name 2-4 times during conversation.

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