As you meet new clients and build new build new business relationships, be intent on presenting yourself in a positive manner, upbeat and confident about your work and life.  

Thinking of the new introductions you prepared (see previous blog), assess the results of your interactions.  How?  After you leave the event, think about how comfortable you were and how others responded to you.  Depending on how successful your conversations went, modify your introduction and stories accordingly.  Could you ask more questions about them and their businesses to keep the ball rolling in a more engaging conversation?

Next time you meet someone new and find out what they do (by those excellent listening skills of yours), you could

  • enhance your new relationship by giving them valuable suggestions which they could then use in their business.  This will also showcase your expertise.
  • refer them to other businesses that they would benefit from.  Giving referrals means you are carefully listening to them and want to help them grow their business.  It also opens the door for them to send business back your way, reciprocating your referral to their business.  Just make sure the referrals are “good” businesses with solid reputations.

Exercise:  Write out and practice how you will introduce yourself to a variety of individuals from various industries. _______________

Go get ’em!

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