Many important business deals are conducted during functions outside of the 8-5 world.  Global economy requires we pay attention to other customs and protocol.  Attention to details, including our professional calling cards, is smart business!

Particularly in international circles, business cards explain your place in the corporate hierarchy, so your title should be clearly stated.  Have plenty of cards but be choosy about giving them out as unsolicited cards will usually go into the circular file in short order.  When receiving cards from individuals of other countries, take them with both hands, study them, then comment on something on the card (at least use their name and possibly what they do).  Don’t write on the cards as that is offensive to individuals from foreign countries–keep separate paper if you want to make notations.  People in the U.S. often make a brief note on the back if they are to follow up with this person.

Following are some good reasons to exchange cards.  This person is: 

  • a “potential” client or supplier
  • a link to a colleague, former classmate or coworker
  • some you would like to know on a social or community level 
  • someone who is willing to pass your card on to someone else
  • someone who needs/wants your updated information (title, phone number, etc.)
  • someone who shows genuine interest in getting to know you, your products or business better

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