So what is Business Etiquette, really?  Basically, it’s fair treatment for men and women, those with disabilities, all ethnic backgrounds, from all walks of life and ALL business titles.  It is:

  • Consistent demeanor that improves your credibility on all levels!
  • Showing manners and appreciation and treating clients like guests.
  • It is not carelessly making people wait.  If there is a good reason that they need to wait, someone should explain why and when you will be available.
  • It is not speaking in a derrogatory manner or interrupting.
  • It means not leaving messes for others to clean up.  Administrative staff are not maids in the lunchroom!
  • It is showing respect, confidence and professionalism by dressing appropriately for business.
  • It includes honoring people’s time and keeping your commitments.

These are powerful attributes that exude strength and decorum.  Stay tuned for the benefits that can make a real difference in our next blog.

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