How is your thought life when it comes to getting to the next level in your career?   For those who feel stuck, the old adage still applies:  “If we always do what we’ve always done, we’ll always get what we’ve always had!”  If  the same limiting thoughts we’ve had all of our lives continue to play on and on, we cannot expect to produce anything differently from what we’ve experienced up until now.  So, try to make little changes daily.  In addition to the following suggestions, what works for you?

  • modifying your business plan to stay competitive (what are other successful people in your industry doing now?)
  • creating a new product or additional benefits from your current selection that others can enjoy (ask others to help you brainstorm)
  • networking with 2-3 positive, proactive local groups for valuable face-to-face interaction in addition to your online social media

Stop and think of what would benefit you the most.  Need some moral support?  We can’t do it alone.  Surround yourself with people of like mind, who build you up, share helpful ideas, and have the kind of positive energy you (and all of us) need!  Exercise:  Carefully answer the following: 

What can I do that is out of my comfort zone that will push me one step farther? __________________________

  • Could it be going from no marketing calls to starting out making five per day?
  • You will meet ten people at the next networking event rather than staying within the comfort zone of those you already know?
  • Starting today, will you find, register for, and attend quality, free webinars that can help reprogram your mind and teach you new skills for greater success?

Investing in some quiet time in order to take these positive steps will reap positive results!  Go get ’em!

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