So what does self-esteem have to do with getting the job you want?  Everything!!  The level of self-confidence (how we see ourselves and allow ourselves to be treated) affects not only our ability to get ahead in our career but how we get along with our family and those we come into contact with every day. 

We often limit ourselves by the way we think, how we interpret ourselves and the world based on our past experiences.  We look out and see exactly what we expect to see, expect to hear and expect to experience.  Then we get what we expect (rejection, failure, discouragement).  We often follow the same format, not able to reach our goal now because we couldn’t in the past due to any number of circumstances, personality traits, etc.

If we only allow the same limiting thoughts to be entertained in our minds, we cannot expect to produce anything differently from we have been experiencing.  Try to make little changes daily.  If necessary, do it afraid!  Expect to succeed.