Customer confidence is critical to your business success, especially if you have a service business. Because the customer “rules” in  service business, their satisfaction determines whether you get their repeat business and referrals…or complaints and negative word-of-mouth comments to other potential customers.

With everyone being so busy, customers have to fit visits to any service business into an already hectic schedule. Structure your company with the customer’s needs in mind.  Can you not only meet their needs but surpass their expectations?  Stop now and ask yourself that question.  If the answer is “No,” what do you need to do?  Provide more training or better tools to do the job?  Role play with staff (including listening skills)?  Create a list of goals with anticipated deadlines?  Have an employee pep rally (even if you’re a staff of one) to encourage, motivate and praise them to keep moving forward?  Ask yourself:  Do I really listen to others suggestions and consider implementing their ideas?  We should be able to learn at least one valuable thing from a customer or employee every week, then let them know how valuable their input was.  It causes others to take pride and ownership in their position and should make your life easier along the way!

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