• Business and social meals play a critical part in building strong, successful relationships.  Take the time to plan carefully so the meal is enjoyable for all involved.
  • Determine the time according to their schedule and preference is possible–noon, early evening, late at night?  Americans prefer light lunches and heavier dinners; while many others have heavy meal at lunch and light at night.  Or…heavy meal late afternoon and light at night. 
  • Find out how guest take their meals regarding any dietary restrictions pertaining to their culture which could be offensive if not followed.
  • Don’t try to serve native food American style.  Sometimes, they have entrées be served before appetizers.   
  • They may not want ice water and our type of coffee or tea which is often too weak.  Some form of alcohol usually expected unless religion prohibits.  Have fruit juices, bottled water and variety of alcoholic beverages. 

The main thing is to show respect, be engaged in conversation, and learn ahead of time the do’s and don’ts of proper entertaining.

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