Whether we meet others for the first time or the tenth, it is essential to project a confident, friendly demeanor that says, “I want to build (or continue to build) a mutually rewarding relationship with you.”   Remember, we only have one chance to make a good first impression.

Exercise:   Think about what others do to make a good impression on you.  Although you must still be yourself and not mimic someone else’s behaviors, reflect on what other successful people do to make a great first impression that you would be comfortable doing.   They _____________________. 

 What would you like to do to be even more impressive in your first encounters?  Take some time to list as many characteristics as you can think of.  _______________. 

Take into consideration that by watching a job candidate or business prospect’s body signals, you can discern

  • how confident and assertive, or shy and uncomfortable, they (or you) could be  
  • whether they come across as obnoxious, personable and confident, are shy or feel inferior (fill in the blank with what you observe)

 EXERCISE:  Consider how your attitude, energy and appearance are formulating a particular impression in the mind of the one you are speaking with. 

  • What kind of “vibes” are you giving off in these areas? 
  • What have you observed in yourself up until now?
  • What can a “trustworthy” close friend or confidante tell you? 

Write out your next step, you would like to do that with a little practice can become natural for you and then…”Work it!” 

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