The most important aspect to keep in mind is, by listening to others and giving them what they want, you can get what you want. While clients do want to hear about your great ideas, they first want to tell you theirs–and they are most interested when your ideas directly relate to their goals and aspirations, which you will only know by asking and listening.  It is said that the most “expert” conversationalists are the ones who are the best listeners!  You can provide the exact “expert” knowledge after fully comprehending what they want and need.Do you add more value in your client engagements? More “core value”- doing an even better job at delivering on your basic services; more “surprise value”- helping your clients in unexpected ways by identifying issues and solving problems you weren’t asked to address; and more “personal value” -helping your clients learn by coaching and counseling them about their own careers or business.Do you grow your Relationship Capital? Clients are business relationship catalysts who can make introductions and help facilitate deals, collaborators who may work synergistically.  Their referrals are invaluable in recommending you as the “expert!”What can you do to further differentiate yourself and set you apart from the pack, distinguishing yourself professionally and personally in the marketplace? This could take the form of a new idea or framework that you develop; some research that you conduct; an unusually memorable relationship-building event that you sponsor; a new product or service that you launch; getting a loyal client to recommend you to five other clients; or something else yet again.

Most markets are crowded with what clients perceive to be relatively look-alike providers. What will you do next year to be more memorable, more distinctive, and ultimately more appealing in clients’ eyes?

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