Use a “text” resume when including it in the body of an email or when copying and pasting it into an online application.  Even though it won’t look as attractive, the number one priority is ensuring that your resume is readable.  Save your resume in plain text, taking out all the extra words that are not necessary, keeping the information to a minimum. 

For text resumes, please be aware of the following:

  • All information should be left-justified, with each line having no more than 60 characters. Avoid centering any information or using the tab key so the resume is easy to read and keeps the lines from wrapping around to the next row.
  • Avoid using  bold, underline or bullets, because they do not transfer.  Use an asterisk * or create an arrow => instead.  To make information stand out, use caps.

Your resume will appear as one continuous document with no pages.  Remove any headings such as Qualifications, Work History or page numbers.  If you need a heading, just make it the first sentence in the paragraph, all in caps.

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