Competition is tough and decision makers are often inundated with resumes, those short biographies of what you have done up to this point.  So how can you get their attention? Try a Job Proposal, a miniature business plan that is no more than two pages.  While you need to show them what you’ve done in the past, your proposal show tremendous initiative as you detail what you will do for the prospective company once you are hired.

First, you must investigate what the company NEEDS,  then describe how you will help them achieve their goals. Explain what you will do with their product or service, how you can make it better, and why/how that will achieve their desired outcome. You can outline how this will increase sales, improve a function of the department, etc.  When you go the extra mile of putting together a plan in addition to a brief synopsis of your work history and accomplishments, you have clearly set yourself above the competition. See it, work it and let me know when you achieved it!!

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