We keep hearing that 2013 will be quite a roller coaster year. Roller coasters can be exhilarating and exciting…or they can scare us half out of our wits!! As you go on hot pursuit of your goals this year, think about riding that roller coaster of life in high gear! Determine to keep your focus up high, like the eagle. When the roller coaster takes you down in the valley, set a determined jaw, hit the gas, run over every obstacle that tries to block your way, and soar back up to the top. Whether physically, financially, emotionally or in whatever place you have been dealt a short hand, determine to never allow your focus to remain on the shortage, only on the end goal…the victory…the new relationship, the car you need, the new job, making debt a thing of the past, losing weight and feeling better…the choices are endless.  So, set your eyes up high, strap into your seatbelt, take off like a shot out of a cannon…and don’t stop!

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