To make the best impression and influence the hiring manager that you will be a wonderful asset on their team, be prepared to answer the following: 

What is something you do better than anyone else in the world?  Then you must be able to provide solid evidence of this ability.   Providing measurable outcomes separates the contenders from pretenders. 

Tell them a story about how you got something done, against the odds, and what the outcome was.  Even if the outcome wasn’t what you really wanted it to be, if you learned valuable lessons that now influence your work in a positive way, that can also speak very favorably in your direction.  Those who understand the rules of conduct in business are not afraid to push the envelope a bit in the name of a job well done. 

Become THE ONE…be all that you want in others…a courteous, continuous learner, exhibiting a professional appearance, a dynamic listener who has such great feedback skills that your lines of communication are beyond compare!

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