If you don’t like the hand you have been dealt in the game of life, create a new game!!!

Sometimes, life’s changes and challenges can but tough, disappointing and confusing. They may come on so quickly we wonder “what happened” and “how will I ever manage beyond this?” They can also open the door to so many new and wonderful possibilities. Realize, rebuild and raise up your inner strength and create a beautiful new picture out of the puzzle pieces of life. Explore ways to thrive and excel.

YOU are ultimately responsible for your own legacy. Others can help you or hurt you but they cannot live your life for you. To make from this point on your best years, sit down and assess:

  • Do I seek out those who are positive, ambitious and high quality? Do I “allow” those who tend to be negative, lazy and self-willed try to keep me from creating a new version of myself?
  • Do friends and family encourage or discourage me? You can pray for new friends just as I did and God will be faithful to bring them to you. Remember, you deserve the best! Never allow yourself to become a servant of what you fear in your Boomer years, whether competing for a new career, moving to a new city, or even living alone for the first time!

Researchers believe that if you hold on to negative feelings, sad emotions or depressing memories, it is possible they could reshape your body’s cells to the point where your thoughts of the past have a negative effect on your mental and physical health. Defy the aging process with food and exercises that nourish your mind and body and keep you strong and active. Ask yourself these questions: Do my past life experiences:

1) serve any good or constructive purpose?

2) help me move forward or keep me in the pit?

3) work in my favor or against me in any way?

If you get thoughts telling you it is time to change or remove those negative influences, tell yourself: “This emotion/feeling/habit does not help me get out–or stay out–of the box. I am letting it go and focusing on my next constructive step. That step could be finding a class or mentor who can help you with a new job skill, finding a support group to help you think more positively and gain new supportive friends, check out new ways to fix your hair and put on makeup, for instance. You get the idea.

Stay tuned for the next section on this life-transforming message. In the meantime, enjoy my new book with life-transforming tips to use immediately, “Hope at the End of Your Rope: Steps to Rebuild Your Life.”


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