Never feel like you are wedged forever in the place where you currently are. Life is constantly changing…so can you! Today I begin making small changes that will help me thrive: less television or computer, no junk food, a walk around the block, seeking career-building programs, calling a supportive old friend, etc.

Do you wake up every morning expecting favor and blessing and plan for good things to show up? What you seek you will find. Put God first in all you do and ask Him to direct your steps! He sees the future and He knows where to lead you!

For starters, get out and see the world even if it’s only by watching Rick Steve’s Europe or other international or cultural programs in your living room. If you surround yourself only with people who are pretty much the same as you, seek a group of healthy, positive individuals from a different organization or group to help you grow and/or gain a new perspective. Stretch your muscles and get some new ideas or viewpoints that will open up new doors. Do things that are different from what you normally do, spend time with different people, go places you normally don’t go (free art exhibit, local chamber event…). Change things up! If you allow yourself to get very complacent about what you do and where you go, those choices can suffocate the flames of passion inside of you. Stoke your fire even if you’re tired! Push if you have to! Dream big!

Rita Rocker

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