Rita Rocker, a co-author with award winning speaker and acclaimed author, Erika Gilchrist, announces  the limited release of “The Unstoppable Woman’s Guide to Emotional Well-Being”.  Rita authored the life-transforming segment, “A New You: From Self-conscious to Self-confident!”  Maya Watson, from Harpo Studios, has written the foreword for this international publication.

Within “The Unstoppable Woman’s Guide to Emotional Well-Being”, readers from across the globe will find information and resources that exude strength and motivation for women. This book will stand out because it’s not a product written from one woman’s perspective but authored by 25 unstoppable women from a global perspective.  See below for the chapters:

 A New You! Go from Self Conscious to Self Confident

Getting it All Done – Prioritizing, Your Map to Financial Prosperity, What Men Really Want, Handling High Stakes Situations, Becoming a Woman of Value, Having the Courage to be Courageous, Building Your Emotional Intelligence, Kick Fear’s Butt, The Storm Has Passed-Picking Up the Pieces, Ending Self Inflicted Pain & Stress, Be Your Own Cheerleader, Creating Rapport with Other Women, Are You Supplementing Your Wellness?, 7 Stress Solutions for Women, How to Detoxify Your Life, Learning What Really Matters, Confront Your Past, Conquer Your Present, Work & Home – Striking the Right Balance, R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Setting Boundaries & Speaking Up for Yourself, 7 Things You Should Know Before You Commit.

Worldwide launch will take place January 1, 2012.  When fully released, the book will be sold for $19.95, but is now being offered at a very special promotional price of $16.95 and is available at www.transformationacademy.com.

For further information, please contact:  Rita Rocker, Transformation Academy, LLC, 402-968-3250, rita@transformationacademy.com.