We have all encountered barriers that impede a successful transformation. Ugh!!

         I once read a story about a barracuda and mackerel, the barracuda’s favorite dinner. It is amazing how much two fish can tell us about our own human nature and how we can give up just before our breakthrough. Researchers put them in a tank with a glass partition in between. For three days, the barracuda feverishly banged its nose against the glass anxiously trying to capture its next meal. After three days, it gave up, believing the tasty prize was not within reach. When the researchers saw the unhappy barracuda, they removed the partition so the mackerel was fair game. What happened? Absolutely nothing! Although the barracuda had free access to a hefty gourmet delight, it had given up the fight. It wouldn’t even attempt to snatch it although it was right there for the taking.

         *How many times do we hold on to partitions in our lives because our dreams have been so far out of reach and we’re not sure how to move forward. It can be uncomfortable to change so we look for excuses that something cannot be changed, whether competing for a new career, or leaving a bad relationship and allowing ourselves a new, healthier one. That negative situation can be painful and so unfulfilling but…it is familiar! We stick to it even if we are trying to get out of that box. We may possibly think that there is no risk of failure or rejection IF we stay in what is familiar…but is there? What is the transformation you are seeking?

         It may be time to make a New Life Declaration: I declare God’s dream for my life is coming to pass! It will not be stopped by people, disappointments or adversities! God already has solutions lined up to every problem trying to hit at me. The right people and the right breaks are in my future, even if I may not see them yet. I decree and declare I will fulfill my destiny!

Instead of saying “Lord, I don’t know how to do this…say, Father, I can’t wait to see how you do this”! That one thought can really put you in a whole different frame of mind! It may be that to reach your dreams, you need to restructure your life patterns. It may be necessary to tear out a few seams in your life’s design that no longer fit you or that have become too uncomfortable—a lifestyle choice perhaps, or a place where you like to go, unhealthy diet choices, etc. You may need to replace a torn sleeve in life’s current pattern (ouch)—like a friend or job. Be sure to replace each piece removed with something positive and uplifting, such as a dash of life-giving color—flowers, educational or self-improvement classes (many are free online), a positive new friend who has your back, or music that makes you happy—to your new design. Create a rich new pattern that is instrumental in manifesting your purpose, dreams and heart’s desires. 

Your current circumstances and heart can lead you very far in determining what life issues(weeds) need to be pulled up, which new habits to plant (your seed) and the desire to make a new life flower bed or a whole new landscape.


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