When conducting business, including business social events, ensure that your appearance, wardrobe and grooming are exhibiting the kind of impression that you want others to make. Our appearance reveals a lot about our self-image. We appear more responsible and organized if we are all “put together.” If associates see that we take pride in our appearance, they are more likely to assume that we take pride in “our” work and “their” business as well.

How well I remember the gentleman who came into the HR department of a large corporation where I used to work. He was very qualified as far as his education and work experience but the hiring manager would not hire him because of the little nubs on his collar (where friction can slightly rough up the fabric). She said that in her opinion, he lacked attention to detail because he didn’t remove them. Pretty harsh? You bet! Unfortunately, many people will make determinations about our abilities from such seemingly minute details.

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