When Opening Doors: 

• It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, if you are the first to get to the door, open it and let the other person pass first. It’s all about common courtesy, especially if someone’s hands are full.
•If you are with an older-generation male, allow him to open door if that is important to him.  It’s not about being strong and independent, it about being courteous and confident.

When shaking hands:
•Women usually offer their hand first but either gender is welcome to initiate the universal greeting of the handshake. Take other person’s hand with medium pressure, palm to palm, in a vertical hold and pump 2-3 times, leaning slightly forward. If you can tell what color their eyes are, you have completely connected!  While talking, hold your  stance about 18″ out of respect for the other person’s “space.”  Watch out for those sales people who have been taught to hold your hand horizontally with theirs on top as they intend to subconsciously have “the upper hand.”  Politely turn it back to a vertical position and continue the conversation.  That keeps you on a more “psychologically” level playing field!