To initiate a less-than-pleasant conversation in a less confrontational manner, spend time BEFORE talking to the other person about how he or she views the situation.  Stepping into the other person’s shoes can work wonders in brining about the most end result.

 Every Story Has Three Sides

1.  The way you see it.  It’s obviously different from how the other person sees it so some type of resolution is necessary.

2.  The way the other person sees it.  Think of all the reasons they see it differently, including their emotional needs.  Example:  They’re already overworked, someone else isn’t carrying their weight and it’s adding more stress, they don’t believe they have the right tools, they don’t like you or the coworker involved, they don’t care enough to take ownership of their job, etc.  There good and bad reasons for why someone sees a particular issue the way they do.  The real reason may taking some digging!

3.  The way it would be interpreted by a third party. This is your goal!  If you are at an impasse, include a “neutral” person who doesn’t have the emotions and been involved in the situation. They can help both sides see the most workable answer.

Strive  to that end for the greatest  success!

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