Are you comfortable initiating conversations with people you have never met when you are at networking events?  How about preparing ahead of time?

First off, do a self-assessment, know what is interesting about yourself and share it!  YES, you have many interesting (business appropriate) things to share!

Whether accomplishments, appropriate family stories they can relate to, or humorous, suitable anecdotes  that can flow from you naturally, prepare some friendly conversation topics ahead of time to share with those you meet.  Adjust your level of formality depending on who you are talking to, their type of business, and type of product or service you are offering.  Talking to a mechanic about new equipment requires a different wardrobe, level of formality in speech, and type of stories to share than when meeting the CEO of a financial firm. 

Exercise:  What specifically you are doing, or have done, that will make you interesting? engaging? or that validates your experience, knowledge and why you stand above your competition? _________________________________________.  Take time to really think about this. Give yourself credit where credit is due!!

How can you be as descriptive as possible?  Here is an example:  Which one of these phrases gets your attention? “I sell insurance” or “I can give you a some powerful examples of where the insurance plans I designed for my clients saved them from disaster and provided a comfortable financial cushion later on.”

Work out your descriptions until they flow, sound confident and depict the true nature of your business and your capabilities!

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