How many opportunities do we lose out on because we don’t perceive ourselves as good enough, competitive enough, educated enough, clothed nicely enough…you can fill in the blank. 

Do you send out the message to others that YOU are the one they want to do business with because YOU are the best?

Ask yourself:  What is one area that I would like to change as far as the perception I am giving to others?  Could it be:

  • getting in better shape so I feel and appear more energetic to handle my client’s business needs? 
  • working on simple body language changes such as a more confident handshake with erect posture, good eye contact and a few changes in grooming to show I take good care of myself, therefore, I will take equally good care of them? 

Exercise:  Stop!  What would make you “feel” more confident, organized and ready to take on the big guys?

Take some time to really examine this area.  What do you see?  ________.   Stay tuned for more tips to work your magic!

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