AbilityBefore the interview, answer key questions as they pertain to the specific position your are interviewing for.  You must be prepared to present examples of your competencies/experiences related to the job duties.  They don’t need to be skills from your previous jobs but can also be skills you used in an organization or volunteer work.  You must have at least 2-3 questions you can ask them about the company or position.  Show your interest in them by knowing exactly what the company does and how you could benefit them.  Make sure you do not write “see resume” on your application but fill it out completely.  Yes, this can get “old” but it is necessary to treat each application like it is your number one priority.  Pick apart your qualifications and emphasize your strengths, skills and the level of responsibility.  An administrative assistant could bring higher-end recognition to her/his skills by stating such experience as “managing the company’s database, supervising x number of staff, coordinating meetings with internal and external customers.”  Keep your conversations on track as it can become easy to get off track, possibly showing a lack of focus. 

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