Attitude speaks louder than skill level and determines your success!  Get objective feedback from a friend or associate before you begin the interview process.  This person should be someone who is supportive and not envious or critical, yet honest.  Personal frustrations and setbacks in your job search can affect your voice and demeanor.  Avoid all signs of arrogance, abrasiveness or lack of interest.  Use positive phrases like “seeking more opportunity” rather than “no room for advancement.”  Boost your self-confidence and avoid excessive nervousness by being well prepared and by concentrating on all of your skills and abilities before you get there.  Avoid all negative remarks.  Be polite!  If this is your 20th interview, you still need tobe positive (even if you have to fake it).  Take a deep breath and smile, which actually creates positive energy inside of you and is reflected in your eyes and demeanor.

Rita Rocker, Chief Communications &  Image Officer, Transformation Academy, 402-968-3250,