Interviews are conducted to learn about a person’s job skills, specific behaviors, problem-solving capacity, organizational skills and attitudes.

First of all, what is your objective?  To show you are the most skilled to best solve the company’s problems and meet their needs!  “This is what I can do and this is how I can achieve it for your organization.  Then be prepared to state the specific skills, experience and talents you have to offer them.

A great resume may open the door but your first impression (verbal and non-verbal communications and outer image) will either let you take one step further or stop you cold. You do not have a second chance to make a good first impression.   

 So…prepare for your interview in advance.  It is not the time or place to experiment.  Avoid canned answers that don’t reflect your own personality and life experiences, rather, think carefully about how you would hit the ground running and give them what they’re looking for.

Over the next three days we will focus on the 3 A’s of Attitude, Appearance and Ability!  Please leave your comments below.

Rita Rocker, Chief Communications &  Image Officer, Transformation Academy, 402-968-3250,