Does your career forecast look stormy or bright?  If your skies are gray, here are tips to help steer you in a brighter direction.

Evaluate your personal and professional life.  What is most important to you?  Recognition?  Power? Large income?  Flexibility?  Benefits?  Location?  Write down reasonable objectives.

  • List and compare the important things you want with what you currently have.  Are they close?  Two out of three?  Are they obtainable?  If not, you may want to start looking in another direction.
  • Golden Handcuffs.  Are you stuck in a job (or type of work) that you really don’t like due to your present skills level, or because “that’s what you’ve always done,” or because of your seniority?  If you feel trapped, it’s time to take a hard look at what you can do to make the changes necessary to obtain a more rewarding future.
  • Get out there and network!  The more friends, acquaintances and business associates you acquire, the more opportunities you have of getting a position due to being on the inside track.  Get involved!