Why is good business etiquette important??  Because it differentiates you from competition and is often the defining reason one person is chosen over another!  It also modifies distracting behaviors -– makes people want to know you better.

Learning professional protocol enables you to have confidence in variety of settings with people from all walks of life.  This includes how you conduct yourself in meetings with all internal and external customers and how much you are respected.  It also enhances your credibility on sales calls, with business deals on the golf course, and definitely when conducting business over meals.  That last one can definitely be a deal maker or deal breaker.

You also have the avantage of psychological power in their behavior, a critical role in other’s responses to you.  How?  Think of how you would respond to a well-groomed, energetic, mannerly and confident individual versus one who looks disheveled, disorganized and has poor speech patterns or negative body language. 

Trust me, when two people have similar qualifications, the one who is more polished and professional will usually be the one chosen!

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