Are your courses associated with ICF / ICF certified?

No, we are NOT affiliated with ICF (International Coach Federation) or any other life coaching association. We are an independent Life Coach Training Organization. While ICF provides and important service for the life coaching industry by establishing core standards and best practices, ICF does not hold authority over the life coaching industry, and being “approved” or “accredited” by them is in no way required for any life coach or training program.

The reason we choose not to seek association with ICF is because in order for a coach certification to meet their requirements, it is required to include a certain number of “contact hours”, meaning live interactions between an instructor coach and the student. We do not wish to include contact hours in our programs because we believe our students enjoy the self-paced, virtual nature of our training programs and the opportunity to receive high quality education at a great price. Requiring contact hours with our students would greatly increase the fees we would need to charge for our programs, making them out of reach for many of our students around the world.

We believe in the democratization of education, not creating unnecessary red tape and costs.

Find our more information here.

I took some of your course in another platform/website before I enrolled in your membership. How do I access those courses?

The good news is that all of the courses you took in the other platform are ALSO available in the membership. Unfortunately, they will all show “zero percent” finished because you completed them in the other site. For those courses, you can access the files in either location.

How do I access the free print certificates that are part of my membership?

Instructions for how to order the free printed certificate can be found in the course in your dashboard called “Member Resources and Certification Instructions”. It has a special link just for members. There is a small shipping fee, but the certificate will be free.

How do I access the free CPD/CEU credits that are part of my membership?

Instructions for how to order the free CPD/CEU credits can be found in the course in your dashboard called “Member Resources and Certification Instructions”. It has a coupon code that will allow you to request the credits for free.

Can I download video files?

We do not make our video files downloadable through the website directly. However, we do occasionally make exceptions for students with extenuating circumstances, so if you would like to share why you need the files to be downloadable, please submit a request. However, we cannot guarantee it will be approved. We have to protect our intellectual property.

I’m having trouble downloading or viewing PDF files.

EVEN IF you cannot see the PDF file on screen, you should still have a DOWNLOAD BUTTON. It looks like a down arrow and is in the top right corner. If you want to be able to see the PDF files on screen, you may need to turn ON the “preview PDF in browser” setting in your browser. If using Firefox, read more here. If using Chrome, update to the newest version of Chrome (click here). If you cannot access the PDF to download at all, please send us a message through our contact form.

My video isn’t playing, there is an error in a video, or I’m having technical problems.

We’re sorry to hear you’re having trouble with a video! If the video is not playing properly, please first try a different device or browser to see if this fixes the problem. If this does not work or if you found an error in a video, please send us a message through our contact form and tell us which COURSE you are in and which LECTURE/VIDEO is giving you trouble. Also, please explain what is happening/not working so we can help you.

I am having difficulty logging in or accessing my courses.

Please double check that you did not create your account using a different email address. (This happens a lot!) If you’re sure your username/email is correct, you can reset your password by clicking “Forgot Password”. Do you have a different question about accessing your content? Please tell us about it through our contact form:

How do I cancel my membership?

Please send a membership cancellation request through our contact form: Mention that you would like to keep access to the courses that you 100% completed 100%.