Can use the exercises/content from the course in order to create my own online course or book?

If you are enrolled in a life coach certification program, you are welcome to use the material from the course with one-on-one clients or in group programs or workshops, whether in person or online. You can even use it in an “online program” that you sell only to your own students on your own website. However, this material is copywritten and you cannot use this material to create and sell an ebook, book, or online course (such as this, meaning a video-based virtual program). Of course, the knowledge itself is not “proprietary”, so you ARE welcome to use what you’ve learned, make it your own, and adjust the activities to meet your need. You cannot, however, present the content in the same order and wording as our course, and then call it your own course. We all learn what we teach from somewhere, it’s just a matter of making sure we “make it our own” rather than directly using someone else’s material without giving credit for it.

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