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What does it take to be a successful life coach?

After over a decade in the life coaching industry and coaching and training over 100,000 life coaches, we have come to realize there is a simple formula for life coaching success:

COMPETENCY (aka, being an effective coach)
+ MARKETING (aka, reaching the right clients)
= Great RESULTS for your clients and PROFITABILITY for you

There are 4 keys to all successful life coach training. The first two keys develop the first component of life coaching success: COMPETENCY. The second two keys develop the second component of life coaching success: MARKETING.

1. HOW: Learn proven strategies and techniques that give you the skills to be an effective life coach
2. WHAT: Learn and create step-by-step processes that guide your clients to achieve the specific results they want
3. WHO & WHERE: Identify who your ideal clients are, what problems they have, how you can solve their problems, and where you can connect with them
4. MARKET: Structure your coaching in a way that packages your unique gifts into a results-oriented program you can offer clients, and learn marketing strategies that have been proven to work for life coaches, such as joint ventures, speaking and free sessions.

Most importantly, GET STARTED (don’t wait for everything to be perfect) and KEEP GOING (by continuing to learn and grow as you go)!

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